The “Mother of All Cyber Breaches”

And, yes, it's a new one.

Researchers have discovered a massive new file containing 26 billion usernames and passwords for sale on the dark web.

Users of Twitter and LinkedIn are among those affected. And that’s just one of five high-profile cybercrimes making the news.

How did these cyber breaches happen, and what should users do? 

We’ve got you covered!

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John Goodman Deep Fake news

Screengrab from the fake gummy ad on social media.

DUMMY GUMMIES — Video ads on social media appear to feature actor John Goodman promoting chewable gummies as a reason he lost 200 pounds. But it’s not John Goodman in the ad — it’s an AI-generated video that looks and sounds like him. Gummies had nothing to do with Goodman’s weight loss. Click the arrow button below to watch how effectively AI technology can manipulate his likeness.

Click the arrow button above to watch. Video by LipSynthesis.

NOT AS PRIVATE AS YOU MIGHT THINK — As a result of a class-action lawsuit, Google is adding language that will appear on-screen when a user switches to “incognitomode on its Chrome browser. Ars Technica says users will now be reminded that Google and its advertisers can still track websites they visit while surfing in incognito mode.

Disney+ logo

KEEP IT TO YOURSELF — The Disney+ video streaming service will soon crack down on password sharing. Disney’s latest user agreement limits the use of an account to one physical address. EFTM News predicts Disney will allow users to continue sharing one account in more than one location if they agree to pay a higher monthly fee.

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Answers to readers'
cybersecurity questions

“Apple, Google, etc., have introduced device password managers. How secure are they? What happens when the device is stolen or lost? Will the information be compromised?”

The technology used with these password managers is, indeed, secure. One hassle is that Apple and Google password managers aren’t interchangeable — passwords stored in a Google Chrome browser won’t work if you use a Safari browser from Apple. As for protecting your passwords, there are three things to remember. 1: Set up and require a face ID to access your phone. 2: Set up two-factor authentication to access your Apple ID and Google accounts. And 3: set up “Find My iPhone” or, on an Android phone, “Find My Device.” You can do a web search to learn how.

“I heard today that a new setting on iPhones will prevent thieves from accessing my phone if it’s lost or stolen. Should I turn it on?”

Yes. The new iPhone setting makes it more difficult for someone to get into your phone and lock you out of your accounts. On your iPhone, go to the settings button (it looks like a gear), then General > Software Update > and update the software if you’re shown the option. Once updated, return to Settings > Face ID and Passcode > and turn on Stolen Device Protection. This gives you time to prevent unauthorized access to your phone if you lose it or it gets stolen.


A few notes:

– make sure your phone requires a face scan or hard-to-guess passcode to access it

– turn on “Find My iPhone” in Settings > (Your Name) at the top of the list > Find My

– use two-factor authentication on apps, particularly your banking and cash transfer apps

“When I log in to Amazon Seller Central, my laptop gets buggy. It sends a message that it can’t secure a secure connection and won’t let me in. I don’t have problems on the regular site. Nothing is being charged. It’s been a problem no one can solve for over a year. I think the intent is to irritate me. What do you think is going on?”

That warning means the signal between your computer and Amazon isn’t secure. Technical glitches on your laptop could involve your firewall or anti-virus software. Make sure your operating system and web browser are up to date. Try accessing Seller Central using a VPN. And if you’re still having trouble, contact customer support by clicking the “Help” button on your seller’s page.

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